Pink Lung "Chinese Watermelon" (video)

Pink Lung 'Chinese Watermelon' (video)
It's Halloween, everybody, and the members of White Lung and Pink Mountaintops have scared up a new tag-team treat for us under the guise of Pink Lung. You can catch the literally gut-busting new video for their "Chinese Watermelon" online now.

Appealing to both band's back catalogues, the song starts off with a haunted swing before everyone's riled up into making a punk rock ruckus. White Lung's Mish Way and Pink Mountaintops' Steve McBean go back and forth on the mike, delivering lines about "government good stuff" and disrupting the daydream nation.

The Justin Gradin and Ben Jacques-crafted visuals get a little weird, and are full of gold glitter, witchcraft, rotten pianists, bicep curl, cowboys and more. You can take a look at the whole creepy thing below, as part of Converse's CONS project.