Pink Licorice 'Punishments' (album stream)

Pink Licorice 'Punishments' (album stream)
Disco-infused Vancouver duo Pink Licorice are gearing up to kick off April with the release of their debut album Punishments, and Exclaim! is giving you the chance to hear that record in its entirety a whole week early.
The musical outfit finds Bella McKee and Conor Mack emerging out of not-so-friendly band breakups and pairing up over a mutual love for "hyper melodic bubblegum, high-concept melodrama and pounding dancefloor rhythms." Those electrifying, eccentric sounds have come together on the new eight-song offering, which was recorded in bedrooms over the span of a few months.
"The original intent was sonic, to put disco style beats under heavy guitars and monster hooks," Mack tells Exclaim! "But it also ended up also being a lyrical receptacle for the revenge fantasies, bitterness and schadenfreud inspired by the situation at the time."
McKee adds: "The process is total freedom to us, to experiment without any limitations."

You can hear that freewheeling creative spirit shine through on the dark, distorted and wonderfully weird disco-pop vibes of the new record right now.
Punishments is due out on April 1 on 180-gram pink vinyl, cassette and as a digital download. For now, though, give it an early spin in the player below.