Phoenix Shed More Light on Upcoming Sofia Coppola Soundtrack

Phoenix Shed More Light on Upcoming Sofia Coppola Soundtrack
After winning our hearts once again with their addictive Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album, classy Parisian popsters Phoenix will return with a brand new soundtrack for Sofia Coppola's upcoming film, Somewhere. The band have previously collaborated with Coppola on soundtrack work and, well, baby-making (front-man Thomas Mars has been with Coppola for many years, and are expecting their second child very soon). But this will be the first time the band have handled the whole soundtrack.

Speaking with BBC News, Mars said that the soundtrack will be their most minimal work to date. "It's almost like sound design," he explained. "It wasn't like writing songs, it was more about trying to make a sound that fits with a Ferrari and the city of Los Angeles's theme. It was more of an engineer work than a composer."

For more details, MTV News caught up with the band. "She asked us to do some music, very in the spirit of [Wolfgang Amadues track] 'Love Like a Sunset,' so we tried to put that track and elements of the track in the movie, and it worked well," guitarist Christian Mazzalai said. "And then we wrote very small pieces of music, very minimal music for the movie too... We're very proud of it."

"This is the first time we feel the music fits to the picture," added bassist Deck D'Arcy. "We've [been on] many soundtracks before, and it's always weird for us - producers must like it [our songs], of course, if they use them - but for us, it's always weird to see them in the films."

Somewhere stars Stephen Dorff as a "bad-boy actor" whose life is thrown for a spin when his 11-year-old daughter arrives on his doorstep. The film is expected in theatres this fall.