Phoenix Prepping New Album for Spring Release

Phoenix Prepping New Album for Spring Release
We haven't heard much from Phoenix in the past couple of years, so it makes perfect sense that the beloved French pop band have a new album ready to go. Although almost nothing has been officially confirmed about the new collection, it's reportedly heading our way this spring.

This welcome news comes courtesy of Daniel Glass, head of the band's label, Glassnote. At a Spotify event held today (December 6), the label boss mentioned that he had spoken with Phoenix and that they had recently completed the record in a Paris studio. The projected release date is April.

In early 2011, close to two years ago, the band explained that they had been working on new demos and frontman Thomas Mars described the material with words like "nostalgic," "experimental," "minimal" and "futuristic."

There's no word as to what the album will be called, but a piece of artwork prominently displayed on the band's website features the letters "TPC." An additional logo on the website's splash page reads "Vendémiaire" (which is a month on the outdated French Republican calendar), so perhaps those are hints.

Stay tuned for more updates as they emerge.