Phoenix Give Away New Live Album as Free Download

Phoenix Give Away New Live Album as Free Download
While those people living in more popular tour destinations might take this for granted, some fans of Parisian pop geniuses Phoenix have only experienced the band's ecstatic live performances on late night TV. However, the band are now bridging the gap by offering up a new live album. The best part? It's absolutely free.

The album, simply called Live in Sydney, is exactly what it sounds like: a live Phoenix performance taking place in Sydney, Australia. The eight-song live set mostly focuses on the band's latest effort, the much-loved Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, with recent jams like "Lizstomania," "Love Like a Sunset" and "1901" dominating the playlist.

While it would be easy to complain that there are only eight songs if you were actually paying for it, Live in Sydney is available now as a free download here, no strings attached. It's much cheaper than flying to a major city and paying for concert tickets, right, Saskatchewan?

Live in Sydney:

1. "Lisztomania"

2. "Lasso"

3. "Fences"

4. "Girlfriend"

5. "Armistice"
6. "Love Like a Sunset"

7. "Rome"

8. "1901"