Phoenix "Love Like a Sunset Part Pt 3"

Phoenix 'Love Like a Sunset Part Pt 3'
If it wasn't enough that Phoenix's "Love Like a Sunset" already had two parts - not to mention an Animal Collective remix and some film tie-ins - the track is getting a third instalment. Yep, "Love Like a Sunset Pt 3" has hit the Web and is up for grabs.

However, this track sounds more like a remix than some fully realized sequel, which is a bit of a bummer. But judge for yourself. The track is streaming below courtesy of the good folks of Some Kind of Awesome.

You can also head here to grab a download, but you have to be an annoying digital street-team dude to get it (i.e., you have to tweet about the band's upcoming show at Madison Square Garden in New York on October 12).

Phoenix - "Love Like A Sunset Part III" by Some Kind of Awesome