Phil Manley (Trans Am, Jonas Reinhardt) Announces Thrill Jockey Solo Album

Phil Manley (Trans Am, Jonas Reinhardt) Announces Thrill Jockey Solo Album
As a member of Trans Am, the Fucking Champs, Oneida and Jonas Reinhardt, as well as a storied producer who has worked with the Wooden Shjips, Moon Duo, Mi Ami and many others, it's more than likely you have some work from Phil Manley in your record collection. Early next year, however, you can add Life Coach, his debut solo album, to the pile.

According to a press release, the album "is more minimal and adheres to the structures of German rock of the mid-'70s that have long inspired Phil, specifically the free-spirited and loose arrangements, the propulsive 'motorik' pulse and the sonic textures or 'Klangfarben' (translated 'sound colors')," citing Neu! and Kraftwerk engineer Connie Plank as a main influence.

Thematically, the record's title and track names show that Manley isn't taking himself too seriously on this one either. "The song titles and the album title reflect, to a large extent, Phil's sense of humour, well known to most Trans Am fans," the press release explains. "He has already had a lifespan that exceeds most bands in this world, and yet he never has fallen prey to taking himself too seriously. He only takes his music seriously, the rest he takes with a large grain of salt."

Thrill Jockey will release Life Coach on January 25. Album track "Forest Opening Theme" can be streamed below, complete with some appropriately woodsy visuals.

Life Coach:

1. "FT2 Theme"

2. "Commercial Potential"

3. "Lawrence, KS"

4. "Forest Opening Theme"

5. "Work It Out"

6. "Make Good Choices"

7. "Gay Bathers"
8. "Night Visions"

9. "Life Coach"