Phil Collins Officially Comes Out of Retirement

Phil Collins Officially Comes Out of Retirement
Following a back injury, Genesis member turned soft rock superstar Phil Collins announced his retirement in 2011, saying that he didn't have a place in the contemporary music business. Evidently he's had a change of heart, since Collins has officially come out of retirement and is planning an album and a tour.

Collins told Rolling Stone, "I'm no longer officially retired. The horse is out of the stable and I'm raring to go."

Collins quietly reunited his band for three weeks of rehearsals last year, but he was in poor physical shape. He more recently had major back surgery, and Collins said, "After this surgery, though, the doctor said to me that my vital signs were all there. He said to me, 'If you want to play drums again, all you have to do is practice.'"

Now, Collins is installing a studio into his Miami home and recording will begin in about a month. He hasn't yet decided whether he will release an album before or after touring, but it seems that both are on the horizon. Evidently, this move was partly inspired by the positive initial response to his upcoming album reissue campaign. He admitted, "I'm easily flattered. If people rediscover the old stuff and show interest, it would be silly to not make more music."

Returning to touring will also give him a chance to perform for his sons. He explained, "My kids are now 10 and 14 and they want to see what their dad does. They were in nappies when I was last on the road. They love my music and I'd like to take them out so they can enjoy it."

Whatever his return entails, it's probably safe to say that it won't include that "slippery little fish" Adele.

For the time being, he is remaining coy about any plans to reunite Genesis. A couple of years ago, he spoke about about possibly being open to a reunion.

Collins will reissue his albums Face Value (1981) and Both Sides (1993) on January 29. They were initially due out on November 6, but his back surgery led to the delay. The retrospective campaign, dubbed Take a Look at Me Now, will eventually result in deluxe reissues of all eight of Collins' solo albums.