Pettit Project 6 Week Summer Vacation in Hell

It’s either hilarious or tragic to think that this band were once one of the most unique bright lights in the whole Southern Ontario punk scene. Never without their detractors, Scott Komer and company were just so full of happy pop vigour that any negative criticism just seemed like sour grapes from people who didn’t really love life. The problem is that while all their peers moved on to different sonic and lyrical waters, the Pettit Project kept playing songs about the high school relationships they hadn’t even had for half a decade. 6 Week Summer Vacation in Hell is sort of the final nail in the coffin of Komer’s talents as a songwriter and the band’s relevance to anyone, anywhere. With killer choruses of "she’s gay,” and inordinate use of the words "retard” and "retarded,” the band don’t even have the musical aggression to back up this type of lyrical stupidity. Instead, they come across like a homophobic third grader who’s pissed that the girl he likes prefers guys with pubes. Where their old material had an edge and a hint of ironic self-awareness, this just reeks of embarrassing self-indulgence. (Scarlet)