Petra Glynt Returns with New Album 'My Flag Is a Burning Rag of Love'

Petra Glynt Returns with New Album 'My Flag Is a Burning Rag of Love'
After taking listeners on a Trip with her debut LP last year, Petra Glynt has lifted the curtain on a full-length follow-up.

Titled My Flag Is a Burning Rag of Love, the sophomore effort from the artist born Alexandra Mackenzie is set to arrive September 7 through Pleasence Records. The 13-track album was written, recorded and produced by Mackenzie herself, and mixed alongside Alice Wilder (M.I.A., Austra).

Mackenzie completed My Flag Is a Burning Rag of Love following a European tour during which she was denied entry and detained in the UK for over two days. A first taste of the record arrives with "New Growth," which Mackenzie describes as a feminist anthem of empowerment written in the wake of #MeToo.

"Progress is being made and we're stripping away the layers of patriarchal oppression that we've been conditioned to accept," Mackenzie said in a statement. "Women have realized that we don't have to take that anymore, so it's a new growth. When I sing 'keep the feed flowing and watch us blow up,' that explosion is about a viral spread of information or watching us grow bigger and stronger."

You can pre-order the album over here.

My Flag Is a Burning Rag of Love:

1. Surveillance
2. Health
3. No Consequences
4. New Growth
5. Control
6. Legacy
7. Melt
8. I'm Watching You
9. Flavour Of The Week
10. We've Touched Everything
11. It's Not Over
12. Show Me More
13. Neon Stain

Tour dates:

08/02  Montreal, QC - Canadian Centre for Architecture
08/04-5 Meaford, ON - Electric Eclectics Festival  
08/18 St. Malo, MB - Rainbow Trout Music Festival