Peter Matthew Bauer "Philadelphia Raga"

Peter Matthew Bauer 'Philadelphia Raga'
Peter Matthew Bauer is one of three members of the Walkmen issuing a solo album this year, and he's now previewing his Liberation! with a stream of the floating "Philadelphia Raga."

Early on, the track plays hypnotic via a miasma of acoustic guitar plucks, later fading into a steadier, shuffled rhythm and cloud-thick vocal effects. Here, Bauer's humbled hum eschews ego trips and standing on soapboxes in favour of Sunday morning dancing sessions and letting love take over. The back-end brings out some scattered but lovely Walkmen-style guitar noodlings, tying it into the musician's broader back catalogue. You can hear his new tune down below.

As previously reported, Liberation! arrives in North America on June 24 through Mexican Summer and a day earlier overseas via Memphis Industries.