Peter Hook Blames "Alzheimer's" for New Order's Break-Up

Peter Hook Blames 'Alzheimer's' for New Order's Break-Up
It's been quite awhile since New Order threw in the towel and still we've yet to hear a proper explanation from bassist Peter Hook about the split.

A few months ago, leading up to Record Store Day, the former New Order bassist said this to the Toronto Sun: "It was just a change of attitude, really. I mean, over the years we [in New Order] developed different tastes and different attitudes. Being in a group is all about compromise and the more you compromise, each of you, the better that group works... Basically it just got to the point where I thought I had compromised enough.

Now we find out that Hook has credited the split to, um, Alzheimer's. In an interview with Spinner, he said, "I didn't think, which was proved wrong, actually, that Bernard [Sumner, vocalist] was very interested in New Order. I got the impression he couldn't give a fuck, to be honest, whether it happened or not. And it's quite interesting because when I told him I didn't want to work with him anymore through our manager, he didn't respond. Then he started telling everyone that I hadn't told him. I put it down to Alzheimer's. He seems to have forgot that he'd been told six months before."

And now that Sumner has formed Bad Lieutenant with Blur bassist Alex James of all people, things have come to an ironic full circle: Hook has also formed his new band, Freebass, with James on a four-stringer.