Peter Gordon Brings Back His Love of Life Orchestra for 'Symphony 5'

Peter Gordon Brings Back His Love of Life Orchestra for 'Symphony 5'
Recent years have been plenty kind to fans of disco-dabbling experimental great Peter Gordon. Not only did the New York-based cult legend team up with Factory Floor last year, but he was treated to some extensive reissues via DFA Records. Now Gordon — who throughout his decades-long career has also collaborated with the likes of Arthur Russell, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson and Rhys Chatham — is returning with Symphony 5, a new album due out November 3 via UK label Foom.

A press release for the album promises an "updated version of the sound he's been refining over 37 years with Love of Life Orchestra," with the 40-minute work being captured in front of a live audience by Grammy-winning producer Jeff Jones "The Jedi Master" on June 5, 2013, at the Roulette venue in Brooklyn. Many of the Love of Life Orchestra regulars appear here, including trombonist Peter Zummo and guitarist Randy Gun, as well as Gordon's son Max, who provides trumpet.

The PR also explains the album like this:

Symphony 5 captures the best of both worlds: the communication and energy of an ensemble performance, and the punch and careful attention to detail of a studio recording. The performance is tight, but loose: there's plenty of room for the unexpected as Gordon the composer allows Gordon the conductor to make decisions on the fly.

Also, among the piece's five movements is "Juvenalia," a homage to "Project Chick" by  Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh's hip-hop supergroup Cash Money Millionaires.

Apparently Symphony 5 will mark the first Gordon release of many from Foom, which promises to deliver an extensive series devoted to the composer focusing on new records, previously unheard material and reissues from his discography.

Symphony 5:

1. Exposition
2. Transgression
3. Juvenalia
4. Homeland Security
5. Chamber Disco