​PETA Releases Prince's Pro-Vegan Anthem "Animal Kingdom"

​PETA Releases Prince's Pro-Vegan Anthem 'Animal Kingdom'
Photo: Cindy Ord / NPG Records
Tomorrow (June 7) would mark Prince's 58th birthday, and although the late singer's Jehovah's Witness faith precluded him from celebrating the annual event, many others will be marking the occasion by reminiscing about his storied career. Animal activist group PETA has made its own celebratory offering by unearthing Prince's 1999 track "Animal Kingdom."
The song was originally penned to mark the 20th anniversary of the organization, and according to Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia, PETA will continue to honour his contributions to the animal rights cause by encouraging fans to go vegan for the day each year on June 7.
"Prince didn't want to celebrate birthdays, but to live life, to elevate and educate to the next level of enlightenment," said Garcia told The Guardian. "My mission every June 7 is not only to celebrate his birth, but also with Peta to remember this man by making  June 7 a day where Prince fans go vegan to see how much better they feel and to honour his kind legacy."
"Animal Kingdom" hears Prince paying tribute to animals by singing about his aversion to red meat, white fish and "funky funky blue cheese."
Stream the song here, or get a free download of it here.
As previously reported, it was confirmed last week that Prince's death on April 21 was the result of an accidental fentanyl overdose.