Pest Necessary Measures

When Ninja Tune unleashes a new signing, everyone seems to sit up and take notice. The label’s track record is near flawless and heads tend to look to Ninja for releasing something new and fresh that will shake up the music industry. Pest is one of a handful of new artists coming out from the Ninja camp and finally drop their first effort after much buzz surrounding this British five-piece band. Within the first few seconds of Necessary Measures you can tell that Pest isn’t going to bore, mixing up all sorts of sounds and styles in their opening cut, "Chicken Spit.” Sounding very much like their label-mate Mr. Scruff, this lead-off track is quite uplifting and quirky, but at the same time misleading if you’re to think this is what Pest sounds like. You really can’t peg a label on these lads because once you think you’ve got them figured out, they flip the script like a dyslexic actor and serve up a new style. These multiple angles can come at you strong like the lush notes and mashed-up beats of "Duke Kerb Crawler” or the gorgeous horn and drums on "Moody Hoe.” But that high note can tend to dip with tunes like "Slap on Tap” and "Dr Umz” which are just a bit silly. With five members who have tastes that cover the entire musical board you’re bound to get a bit of a bumpy record, but it’s those same reasons that keeps your ears perked up, wondering what will be around the corner. It’s hard to say what sort of long-term effect Pest will have on the Ninja roster, but Necessary Measures definitely keeps the label sounding fresh. (Ninja Tune)