The Persuasions Call Out Jamie xx over Allegedly Uncleared Sample

The Persuasions Call Out Jamie xx over Allegedly Uncleared Sample
Photo: Laura Coulson
New York soul group the Persuasions are taking Jamie xx to task over his new "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" single with Young Thug and Popcaan, claiming their heavily sampled single "Good Times" was used for the tune without their consent.

The In Colour cut has come under fire over the apparently unlicensed sample, with original member and band manager Jimmy Hayes explaining that xx had not been in touch with the band about pinching the hook of their 1972 single. Speaking with Billboard, Hayes said he only learned about the song through a friend.

UPDATE: Billboard now reports that Jamie xx's camp did indeed clear the sample through the proper channels, and the group were contacted prior to the song's release. In response, Hayes said, "I was told about it but forgot."​

"A friend of mine said that he had heard it some place," Hayes explained, adding, "He said, 'I just heard this song, he was sampling your song.' I said, 'Sampling what song?' He said, 'When I heard it, I said oh, wow, that's the Persuasions! That's Mr. Jimmy!'"

Hayes alleges that while someone else in the band had previously been approached by a representative of xx's, a deal was apparently never finalized.

He said:  "They were talking about how they had an artist who was interested in the Persuasions, that he liked the Persuasions' music, and was interested in maybe doing some rap along with one of our songs, in sampling."

So far, neither xx nor the Young Turks label has commented on the matter.

Hayes went on to say he's not upset about the idea of the Persuasions being sampled, just that it wasn't apparently set up through proper channels. He also added that he'd be interested in opening up for Jamie xx or collaborating on the track in concert.

"It doesn't bother me that they wanted to sample, but the thing is we have to sit down with management and make sure that everything is recognized and on the up-and-up."

While In Colour won't be released until June 2 via Young Turks, "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" is up for sale now on iTunes.