People Are Freaking Out About a Talking Heads Reunion Because of This Instagram Account

But the band have already clarified there will be no reunion

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Dec 12, 2019

David Byrne wasn't enamoured by the idea of Talking Heads reunion when asked about the possibility three years ago, but fans holding out hope are now hoping an Instagram account points to plans the band are getting back together.

At present, the @talkingheadsofficial account bills itself as the "official" band presence on the platform, offering up a link to an online merch store. It does not feature a blue checkmark, commonly used by Instagram to distinguish verified accounts.

While no photos have been posted, the account has racked up over 16,000 followers as of press time, and only follows six other accounts belonging to Byrne, drummer Chris Frantz, guitarist/keyboardist Jerry Garrison, touring member Adrian Belew, Rhino Records and Byrne's American Utopia Broadway show.

UPDATE (12/12, 5:30 p.m. EST): Sorry, folks, David Byrne has stepped in to clarify there will be no Talking Heads reunion. Speaking to Rolling Stone about the Twitter account and the resulting rumours, Byrne said, "I have never heard of this, I don't know what it is or who is doing it, so clearly it can't be a 'official' talking heads account. Whatever plans others in the band may have is strictly their own business and I wish them well." If that wasn't enough, Frantz and Tina Weymouth also shot the whole thing down, saying: "We were made aware of the Instagram account a few days ago as it was brought to life by someone who works with [Talking Heads drummer] Jerry [Harrison]. We have not even talked about this internally yet. We are all currently happily working on our own projects and there are no plans for a Talking Heads reunion."

"If there's actually a Talking Heads reunion I will lose my goddamn mind," one Twitter user wrote, while another suggested, "Talking Heads Summer Tour 2020 sounds so good."

You can find some reaction below.

On Reddit, a user claiming to be Harrison's manager, Adam LaRue, wrote, "We gained control of the Instagram account that was previously held by a squatter. There is no reunion."

The user also wrote that Talking Heads getting back together is "never happening. The Smiths have a better chance of a reunion."

Next year will also mark the 40th anniversary of Talking Heads' fourth album Remain in Light, and even if the reunion doesn't happen, Harrison already announced plans to celebrate alongside Belew and funk band Turkuaz with a series a shows earlier this month.

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