Peasant "The End"

Peasant 'The End'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Doylestown, PA band Peasant is actually the work of one man: Damien DeRose. And while sight unseen (or in this case, heard) his sensitive guy with guitar schtick might send the cynics running for the hills, they'd be missing out on one of the more ambitious projects the genre's produced in a while. His debut album, Shady Retreat, is a beautiful slice of ambient indie pop that rewards repeated listens.

DeRose plays two shows in Toronto this week, including an opening slot for Fucked Up's big hometown gig with Kurt Vile at the Opera House on the 26th. Shady Retreat drops March 2 on Paper Garden Records, but you can check out "The End" below. It perfectly encapsulates DeRose's aesthetic, filling dreamy backgrounds with his simple guitar strumming and warm, plaintive voice. It reaches out, asking, "Are you alone tonight?" Certainly not the most original conceit, but in music it's not always what you say, but how you say it.

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