Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Releases New Solo Record 'American Death Squad'

Hear the bassist's surprise new EP now
Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Releases New Solo Record 'American Death Squad'
Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament has emerged out of nowhere with a new solo EP. Called American Death Squad, the new release is out now, and you can stream it below.

The release has been split into two sides: a guitar side and a piano side. And as Ament explained in a statement, the EP came as a result of Pearl Jam's tour in support of their recent album Gigaton getting sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement, Ament explained the following of his surprise new release:

In the days following the postponement of our tour, I found it necessary to find an outlet for the energy we had created going into the tour," Ament said in a statement. "Pivot was the word of March. So, every morning, I retreated to the studio with the goal of writing a song every day, no matter how shite.

Days of isolating and watching the news of the destruction courtesy the virus (and the ineptitude of our leadership or as named here, the American Death Squad) made for vivid dreams and a helplessness. These were some of the first songs out of the gate. Raw and succinct.

Down below, you can can stream the EP, as well as watch a video for the record's "The Divine Perfume." You can also pre-order the EP as a 7-inch over here.