Pearl Jam Unveil 'Pearl Jam Twenty' Tracklisting

Pearl Jam Unveil 'Pearl Jam Twenty' Tracklisting
Momentum has been steadily gaining as we get closer to the release of Pearl Jam's new film Pearl Jam Twenty. Earlier this week, we heard a sample of what we can expect in the movie and on its accompanying soundtrack via a cover of Mother Love Bone's "Crown of Thorns," and now we can tell you what all will be on the two-CD package.

The Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack will feature 29 songs spread over two discs. Many are live cuts, while a ton of demos also spring up on the set. Aside from the concert tracks, the troupe also include a version of Backspacer song "Just Breathe" that they performed on Saturday Night Live in 2009 and Ten-era classic "Black" from their MTV Unplugged program way back in 1992.

If you were hoping for some live cuts taken from previous Canadian concerts, we're afraid you're out of luck, but at least you can experience the Seattle-based grunge band on this side of the border this fall, right?

As previously reported, the Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack comes out on September 20 via Columbia/Sony, while the film gets its wide release on September 23.

Pearl Jam Twenty:

Disc One:

1. "Release" Verona, Italy

2. "Alive" Seattle

3. "Garden" Zurich, Switzerland

4. "Why Go" Hamburg, Germany

5. "Black" MTV Unplugged

6. "Blood" Auckland, New Zealand

7. "Last Exit" Taipei, Taiwan

8. "Not For You" Manila, Philippines

9. "Do the Evolution" Monkeywrench Radio

10. "Thumbing My Way" Seattle

11. "Crown of Thorns" Las Vegas

12. "Let Me Sleep (Christmas Time)" Verona, Italy

13. "Walk With Me" Mountain View, CA.

14. "Just Breathe" Saturday Night Live

Disc Two:

1. "Say Hello 2 Heaven" (Demo)

2. "Times of Trouble" (Demo)

3. "Acoustic #1" (Demo)

4. "It Ain't Like That" (Demo)

5. "Need to Know" (Demo)

6. "Be Like Wind" (Demo)

7. "Given to Fly" (Instrumental)

8. "Nothing as It Seems" (Demo)

9. "Nothing as It Seems" Seattle

10. "Indifference" Bologna, Italy

11. "Of the Girl" (Instrumental)

12. "Faithfull" Pistoia, Italy

13. "Bu$hleaguer" Uniondale, N.Y.

14. "Betterman" New York

15. "Rearviewmirror" Los Angeles

Pearl Jam: Twenty from Victoria Taylor on Vimeo.