Pearl Jam to Soundtrack MLB World Series

Pearl Jam to Soundtrack MLB World Series
Major League Baseball players aiming to go "Deep" in this year's World Series will be able to do so with a very cool soundtrack, since Pearl Jam have signed a deal with Fox Sports to have their music featured extensively during this year's Fall Classic.

As Billboard reports, Fox has secured the rights to all 12 tracks from the band's new album, Lightning Bolt, plus 36 back catalogue cuts. Songs featured in the deal include "Animal," "Better Man," "Black," "Blood," "Corduroy," "Daughter," "Even Flow" and "State of Love and Trust." However, there's no word if the baseball-themed anti-George W. Bush anthem "Bu$hleaguer" is part of the agreement.

"There was a period of time when we didn't license much music," band manager Kelly Curtis told Billboard. "But for the past many years, we consider licensing requests using the same criteria we do for everything else: Do we like it? Would the fans like it? Does it provide a different forum for fans to hear the music? Is it something we can get behind? The band loves baseball, so this one was a no-brainer."

It also probably helps that singer Eddie Vedder is reportedly good friends with Fox Sports broadcaster Joe Buck. Apparently, Buck will write his own words when introducing Pearl Jam's music on the air.

The World Series begins on October 23. Lightning Bolt is out on October 15.