Peaches "Rub" (video) (NSFW)

Peaches 'Rub' (video) (NSFW)
Boundary-pusher Peaches has upped the ante with the new video for the title track to this year's Rub. Showing off way more anatomy than the crocheted dick suits of "Dick in the Air," the highly erotic and extremely NSFW video is online now.

The clip doesn't exactly start off tame, but the bizarreness of seeing certain figures licking their, ahem, treats is mild compared to the rest of the video's garage-set orgies and desert sex rituals. There's plenty of proud BBW action, a series of extremely revealing shots, and various risque procedures that come dedicated to the "circle jerk girls who spray."

You'll get more than an eyeful of NSFW material via the A.L. Steiner- Lex Vaughn- and Peaches-directed "Rub," which you'll find down below.