Peaches "Dick in the Air" (video starring Margaret Cho)

Peaches 'Dick in the Air' (video starring Margaret Cho)
Fresh off wrestling under Kim Gordon's guidance, electro-clashing Canadian Peaches has shared another outrageous video from the forthcoming Rub, this time for the track "Dick in the Air."

The clip for this raunchy, banging eletro track co-stars comedienne Margaret Cho. She and Peaches don pastel-coloured onesies with fuzzy penises and they get up to all sorts of raunchy hijinks: they open trench coats to flash people, perform graphic sex acts on one another, have a phallic sword fight, rest their genitals on Barbra Streisand's star on the Walk of Fame, urinate on a wall and much more. All of this goes along nicely with the song's lyrics, which includes lines lick, "Balls and dick / Two balls and one dick / Balls, balls, dick, dick / Balls and dick."

Check out the Funny or Die clip below. We would label this one NSFW except, well, the penises are all made of cotton. It was directed by Peaches herself.

Peaches will release Rub on September 25 through I U She Music/INgrooves/Fontana North. Check out Peaches' tour schedule here.