Peace "Last Christmas" (Wham! cover) (video)

Peace 'Last Christmas' (Wham! cover) (video)
Wham!'s "Last Christmas" is a bummed-out Christmas classic, and the song has received a new cover version courtesy of UK rock outfit Peace (who aren't to be confused with the Vancouver band of the same name).

This rendition of the track is significantly more upbeat than The xx's version from last year. The video is a fairly straight-foward affair that combines studio footage and live clips; that being said, the studio session gets increasingly silly playful as it goes along.

Frontman Harrison Koisser said in a statement, "About a week before it began, we realized our approaching UK tour ran straight in to the belly of the Christmas period. Despite our Scrugicidal tendencies, we found ourselves in a bout of excitement. A miracle perhaps? Anyway, we ended up pit deep in the festive moment and guided by the spiritual production of Blaine Harrison, we recorded a festive cover & shot some video doing it."