Pawa Up First The Outcome

Serge Nakauchi Pelletier has come a long way since his time in Montreal pop punk outfit Men 'O' Steel. Now a multi-instrumentalist and composer under the name Pawa Up First, Pelletier continues his Badalamenti-/Morricone-/Sakamoto-inspired work with his third LP, The Outcome. Like his career, The Outcome is an album that finds Pelletier going through changes, as the LP unfolds from Godspeed You! Black Emperor-style post-rock ("Cold on the Trail"), spaghetti western film scores ("Territorio"), chilly electronic beats ("Delusions of Grandeur"), dub-y hip-hop ("In a Hurry to Nowhere" featuring D-Shade) and jazzy math rock ("Last Man Standing"). Although Pelletier gives each song a uniform feel, thanks to a squad of strings and brass players, The Outcome bursts with as much energy, personality and feeling as any singer-songwriter in the business. Almost a metaphor for Montreal's vast and diverse music scene, Pawa Up First fashions a singular tone out of hundreds of manners. (Dare To Care)