Paul McCartney Signs to Decca for 'Ocean's Kingdom'

Paul McCartney Signs to Decca for 'Ocean's Kingdom'
In 1962, Decca Records made the epically stupid decision to reject the Beatles. Now, the label is hoping to make up for its past blunder -- at least in some small part -- by signing Paul McCartney.

Last year, we learned that the legendary songwriter was composing music for a ballet. Now, Reuters reports that McCartney has signed to Decca to release the score, entitled Ocean's Kingdom.

The score will arrive through Decca in the UK on October 3, with the North American release set for October 4. However, on this side of the pond, the album will be released via McCartney's own Hear Music.

The ballet itself will arrive on stage at the New York City Ballet on September 22. There will be four subsequent performances that month, and another five in January. The music will be conducted by John Wilson and performed by the London Classical Orchestra.

The hour-long ballet is reportedly a love story set in an underwater world that comes under human threat. It contains four movements: "Ocean's Kingdom," "Hall of Dance," "Imprisonment" and "Moonrise."

McCartney said in a statement that he was "trying to write something that expressed an emotion -- so you have fear, love, anger, sadness to play with, and I found that exciting and challenging."