Paul McCartney Reveals the Beatles Considered Reuniting in 1976

Paul McCartney Reveals the Beatles Considered Reuniting in 1976
Paul McCartney has revealed the Beatles were in talks for a 1976 reunion when a "phenomenal" offer was put on the table. Speaking to the Radio Times, Macca said:

"There were phenomenal amounts of money being offered. Millions by Sid Bernstein, this New York promoter. But it just went round and round. There might be three of us thinking 'You know, it might not be a bad idea' - but the other one would go, 'Nah, I don't think so' and sort of veto it. Let's put it this way, there was never a time when all four of us wanted to do it. And I'm actually glad of that now because the Beatles' work is a body of work. There's nothing to be ashamed of there. The potential disappointment of coming on and not being as good as The Beatles had been, that was a risk we shouldn't take."

The article also asks the superstar ex-Wings front-man in a "what if" scenario, if they would reform today if all four members were still around. To that McCartney replied:

"Since you're leading me down that flowery path, we could imagine that John would be this fantastic elder statesman, very much in command of his lifestyle. I'd be alongside him singing magnificently. George would be playing like an angel on his guitar. We'd be gelling, sounding like nothing anyone's ever heard before with all the power of modern amplification. And, behind us, would be the world's greatest drummer. And it'd be fandabidozi! We could be introduced by the Krankies. Unfortunately, this is just pure imagination. But then what's wrong with that?"

Hmm... notice how he never actually says the name Ringo? Yes Paul, we all know you were the better Beatles drummer.

What's even more amazing than the thought of a Beatles reunion is the creepy-ass, airbrushed photo above of a mesmerised Macca surrounded by his cartoon friends. Scary stuff.

McCartney at his best!