Paul McCartney Quashes Retirement Rumours

Paul McCartney Quashes Retirement Rumours
Well, that was quick. Only a few short days after rumours erupted that Paul McCartney was gearing up for his farewell tour, the former Beatle has dismissed all reports that he's throwing in the towel.

As we previously reported, the UK tabs said McCartney, "realizes that the older he gets, the less his body will be able to cope with the demands of extended periods on the road," leading the star to begin mapping his final tour ever.

However, while talking to the Boston Herald, McCartney said, "All I can say is that I'm not retiring. It's like, 'Paul is dead.' 'No, I'm not,' is all I could say. I did talk about retirement in one sentence in one story, only to say, 'No way, Jose.' But someone must have only read part of that one sentence.

"As long as people want to come and hear me, I'll probably be doing this. It's just so easy to start rumours."

So there you have it: the record's been set straight.