Paul McCartney Pens New Songs for Animated Film

Paul McCartney Pens New Songs for Animated Film
Paul McCartney helped to score last year's first-person shooter Destiny, and now the Beatles legend has taken on a new soundtrack project. This time, he will be writing songs for the animated adaption of his own 2005 children's novel, High in the Clouds.

McCartney co-authored High in the Clouds along with Philip Ardagh, with illustrations by Geoff Dunbar. The film version is being directed by Cody Cameron (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) with a script from Josh Klausner (Date Night, Shrek Ever After). RGH Entertainment is serving as producer.

Deadline indicates that McCartney will voice one of the main characters, and he has also written "seven or eight" new songs. This includes one "rollicking tune" that will be sung by Lady Gaga.

A couple of months ago, Gaga posted an Instagram photo revealing that she had a "beautiful session" in the studio with Macca and Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready. This is presumably the studio session that birthed the song for High in the Clouds. See the photos below.

There's no word as to exactly when High in the Clouds will be out, but the filmmakers apparently plan to have a promotional "sizzle reel" done in time for November's American Film Market event.

High in the Clouds is about a young anthropomorphic squirrel who goes on a journey to find the land of Animalia after his home is destroyed by a human settlement.