Patrick Holland (f.k.a. Project Pablo) Details Debut Album 'You're the Boss'

Hear opener "Sinister Bell," featuring members of TOPS

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 4, 2022

In 2020, Exclaim! spoke with Patrick Holland about experimenting with new musical styles ahead of sharing an EP under his given name. Now, the artist formerly known as Project Pablo has announced a full-length foray into guitar-driven indie pop with You're the Boss, arriving July 29 via Sinderlyn/Next Door Records.

The 12-song, self-produced You're the Boss sees Holland playing nearly every instrument on the record, in addition to singing and writing his own lyrics for the first time. It follows his 2020 EP Simstim, and is previewed today by opener "Sinister Bell," which features members of TOPS on backing vocals.

In an accompanying video from director Erin O'Connor, which you can watch below, Holland and a team of ghost hunters look to capture evidence of paranormal activity in a darkened jam space.

In a statement, Holland shared of the track, "There's a camaraderie in the haunting relationship with the ghost, and the result is rarely fear. The ghost felt like a travel partner while on tour – making noise and breaking gear, but keeping the mood light. It was fun while it lasted."

Read Exclaim!'s interview with Holland. You're the Boss is now available for pre-order.

You're the Boss:

1. Sinister Bell
2. Nice Try
3. Running from Nothing
4. Puzzled Thought
5. The Shame oOf It All
6. Sink to Dusk
7. Let's Hear What You Know
8. Losing Touch
9. Weight Falls
10. For You I Do
11. Grid Lock
12. January

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