Partytank Tits Package

Leaving little to the imagination, Hamilton, ON-based Partytank pretty much embody the anthem-based, upbeat party metal of their moniker. Loose, gritty, raw and angry without even a hint of bitterness, Tits Package blends the finest elements of Motörhead, Zeke and other raucous punk rock’n’rollers with a blazing attack that is fun, pure rock fury. Thick and nasty, this pelvic hard rock borders on metal because it’s played by guys who seem more at home shotgunning beers and sewing Municipal Waste patches on their jackets than actually getting up to anything ridiculous like "level checks.” No less aggressive but certainly more adrenaline-pumping than bassist Biff and drummer Tony’s other notable outfit, Shallow, North Dakota, Partytank are the sort of band one would expect a FUBAR-ish headbanger to bash along to before a night of cow-tipping, mailbox baseball and hangin’ out at the Circle K. And some people say there’s no beauty in simplicity. (Independent)