Party Supplies "Working Out" (NSFW video)

Party Supplies 'Working Out' (NSFW video)
While Party Supplies (a.k.a. producer Justin Nealis) cooked up beefy beats for gourmand MC Action Bronson's Blue Chips 2 tape, he's collaborating with the hefty Fabrizio Goldstein (a.k.a. "The Fat Jew") to explain the life cycle on his own "Working Out."

The organ-driven, four-on-the-floor pop number presents the life and death of Goldstein, from bursting out his mother's velvet curtains as a fully-formed, bearded fat guy, to a teendom spent rollerblading, to an assortment of messy, sometimes life-taking, sexual escapades. A stint in the clink leads leads him towards a settled-down, wife-and-kids scenario, but the humdrum eventually has him fleeing to enjoy those final days.

You can see the guy ride till he dies via the video down below, which it should be noted is pretty NSFW.