Part Chimp Cup

Although they’ve been around since 2000, the noise rock of London, UK’s Part Chimp has gone largely unnoticed in North America. Characterised by walls of sound at unholy volumes, the trio have previously manifested itself on two albums, Chart Pimp and I Am Come, both of which were released on Mogwai’s Rock Action label. Cup, their first North American exclusive, courtesy of New York’s Monitor imprint, is a compilation of the group’s singles and b-sides. As a record, Cup goes in a number of directions, from the droning ten-minute sprawl of "And Hell is Behind Me” to the faster noise punk of "New Cross.” Tracks like "Seedsy” and "Miser Chimp” wallow in repetitive, monstrous grooves, while "Black Water” nearly resembles classic rock, which is supported by their cover of the Beatles’ "Wild Honey Pie.” By the end of Cup, it is clear that Part Chimp’s values lie not in the pursuit of one specific sound but in maxed-out amps and bloody eardrums. (Monitor)