Parlour Simulacrenfield

Five years after their last recording, and eight years after their last LP, Tim Furnish has reshuffled his Parlour project, releasing Simulacrenfield just in time for the post-rock resurgence expected around 2012. Joined by members of Rodan and Aerial M, Parlour layer guitars, synths, sax and clarinet before being pulled apart by the thundering tectonics of drummer Jon Cook. Thanks to the dual attack of Craig McClurkin's tenor saxophone and Steve Good's bass clarinet, songs like "Camus" and "Sea of Bubbly Goo" benefit from the added low-end groove, while "Wedder" and "Carrier" come off more fluid and driving than most of their post-rock contemporaries. Deftly combining Godspeed You! Black Emperor's knack for majestic fervour with Don Caballero's unbridled energy and Broken Social Scene's structureless structures, Parlour aren't offering up anything new on Simulacrenfield. But with a tight cast and an even tighter sound, it's a precursor to what the kids will be copping this decade. (Temporary Residence)