Parkway Drive / MyChildren MyBride / Stick to Your Guns Reverb, Toronto ON April 24

Parkway Drive / MyChildren MyBride / Stick to Your Guns Reverb, Toronto ON April 24
When you were to look at this line-up, you would think that thrash dancing and lame-ass spin kicks would infest a sold-out show at the Reverb, but you'd be wrong. Yes, there was stage-diving, moshing, and an encore that created a typhoon of insanity on the stage: Parkway Drive's guitarist was forced to shred while standing next to the bar.

The boys from Down Under were one of the best acts to grace this stage in a long while, and since they haven't played in Toronto for that while, the crowd was enamoured. There were Parkway Drive chants, sing-a-longs, and an all-out frenzy of action as PWD's blistering performance was heavily taken from Horizons with "The Siren's Song," "Carrion" and "Boneyards.

After PWD's first song, front-man Winston McCall was utterly stunned at the verbose response of this heady crowd, and all he asked was for them to keep up their intensity. The crowd played ball with McCall's wishes, and everyone was rewarded with an astonishing set of thrash-y metalcore.

Men of the cloth, MyChildren MyBride were really on the mark throughout their set with their Unearth poached metalcore, but then they played a cover of Linkin Park's "One Step Closer" that was totally balls and fucked up their set. Where does a band get off trying to do that? Although, MC MB's performance was set back due to this bad decision; they did manage to entertain with intensity and vigour.

Maybe it was vocalist Jesse Barnett's Terror hoodie that made Stick To Your Guns sounds so much like Terror, or maybe it was his rant about how this night's performance would end racism and sexism (any Terror fan knows the band's stance on those topics), but, regardless, STYG sounded a lot like Terror. The Orange County fivesome were unstoppable throughout their set, except for some technical difficulties, playing mostly from 2008's Comes From The Heart that was cut and dry hardcore with tons of breakdowns, chugs, and squeals. All in all, STYG weren't the ones who caused everyone to take one step closer to the edge of a cliff.