Parkside Jones Dream Of Being Orange

Montreal's Parkside Jones are built around the backbone of Ryhna Thompson and Matthew Lederman, two people with an obvious love of jazz and rock, because they try to mix the two genres on their second release, Dream Of Being Orange. Both Thompson and Lederman take lead vocal duties, even sometimes exchanging responsibilities mid-song. For the most part, however, both voices meld seamlessly with the music, but on "Tantalized," Thompson's sublime voice clashes with the guitars in an awkward way that makes it hard to listen to. You can't help but think that Parkside Jones are one of those bands that really come into their own when playing live, where their expansive sound can fill a suitably-sized venue. Of course, in those circumstances, there's a really good chance that the band's penchant for improvisation and jamming will take the material in directions that are only hinted at here. (Independent)