Paris Pick Goes Pizza Party-Hopping in Her "Hope for the Best" Video

The Whitehorse songwriter serves up her second album in June
Paris Pick Goes Pizza Party-Hopping in Her 'Hope for the Best' Video
Ahead of releasing sophomore album Hope for the Best this June, Whitehorse-based singer-songwriter Paris Pick has shared a video for the album's title track.

Helmed by Yukon duo Bullen Brothers Films, the "Hope for the Best" clip opens with Pick turning down a party invite to go work her delivery job at Epic Pizza. 

Piling up as many pies as her passenger seat will allow, she sets out around Whitehorse to sling meals to the hungry masses — who are all getting up to some partying of their own.

This particular evening's clientele includes a snooty sommelier in search of a perfect pizza pairing, a punk duo too busy to eat their band practice snack, and the serial stoner who doesn't even put down the pipe when it comes time to tip. However, Pick ultimately becomes the life of the party in the end, passing out slices to a packed room on her final delivery.

As Pick tells Exclaim!, her latest video was inspired by the 2019 closure of a real-life Epic Pizza in Whitehorse, an establishment that also doubled as a local music venue for the community. 

"It was sad for our music community to see this golden nugget go under," she shared of the pizzeria. "It made me daydream 'What would it be like to be a pizza delivery girl?', which was a job I thought I would always enjoy, as I thoroughly love pizza as well as being able to drive around and listen to music. I also asked myself, 'How rude are customers to pizza delivery people?' or 'What kind of stuff do pizza delivery people walk in on?" and from that I started putting the music video together."

Hope for the Best arrives June 4 through Care Records and follows Pick's 2018 debut Feeling Love. Her latest was recorded at Green Needle Records in Whitehorse with producer Jim Holland, and is now available for pre-order.