Head Out for Paranormal Activity 2, Carlos and Score: A Hockey Musical In This Week's Film Roundup

Head Out for <i>Paranormal Activity 2</i>, <i>Carlos</i> and <i>Score: A Hockey Musical</i> In This Week's Film Roundup
Thinking about seeing a movie this weekend? Well, as per our Friday tradition, we've reviewed this week's opening films and compiled them in our Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section, so drop by and read about what's new at the box office.

First up, Halloween has come early with the release of Paranormal Activity 2 (pictured), the sequel to the original horror mockumentary, which tells the story of a young couple, Micah and Katie Sloat, who videotape the crashes and bangs of a demonic haunting in their home. This time around we've caught up with the Sloats, who have now had a baby, adopted a dog and installed closed circuit video cameras throughout their home. Does the sequel's cinéma vérité shtick retain the same creepy charm as the original? Read the review to find out.

Next, we've reviewed Carlos, directed by Olivier Assayas. Carlos tells the story of Venezuelan revolutionary Carlos the Jackal in a five-and-a-half-hour biopic. Yes, we sat through the whole thing. Read our review to learn why we think you should, as well.

Lastly, we have Michael McGowan's Score: A Hockey Musical. The film tells the story of Farley Gordon, a talented teenage hockey player and the left-wing parents who disapprove of his barbaric hobby. You're definitely going to want to read what we have to say about the Canadiana-infused musical that kicked off this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

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