Para One Naissance Des Pieuvres

Para One’s (aka Jean-Baptiste de Laubier) follow-up to last year’s brilliant Epiphanie is an unexpected venture into soundtrack work. As he proved with his debut, Para One can handle just about anything, which comes in handy here. Naissance Des Pieuvres is a French film about sexual exploration between three teenaged girls connected through synchronised swimming, which means there isn’t much room for the eloquent electro house/hip-hop jolt he’s often associated with. The aquatic theme of the film works nicely with de Laubier’s aptitude for ambient. While he may be known less for this style, his work on this soundtrack concentrates on building dramatic and sensual dreamlike passages, much like "Les Soleils Artificiels” off Epiphanie. In fact, there’s little here that breaks away from the tranquil underwater tones, other than the stirring orchestral rush that builds halfway through "Finale.” There’s a reason why French artists like Para One and Air (Virgin Suicides) are sought out for their ability to build soundscapes — they know how to capture a mood and enhance the emotional state on the screen. However, anyone looking for some banging electro house best track down a copy of Sebastien Tellier and Mr. Oizo’s Steak soundtrack because Naissance Des Pieuvres is nothing but cinematic bliss. (Institubes/Fusion III)