Panurge Walking in the Fog

Vancouver’s Panurge continue their amalgam of flowery ’60s pop and contemporary electronic music with Walking in the Fog, a remarkably cohesive and infectious collection of songs. The band’s multiple writers and voices conjure varied influences but its output is generally light and airy. For every unabashedly retro moment on songs like the Byrds-influenced "The Hours they Pass,” Panurge incorporate contemporary sounds that give this record a timeless feel. "Everybody’s Waiting for the Cure” has the appeal of Neutral Milk Hotel, while "Amazon Molly” and "Monkey Town” have the hallmarks of slick Beck productions. "Counting Shadows” recalls the vividly personal narratives of Ray Davies. "Smile All the While” is just a catchy blast of Beach Boys summertime fun that is tempered by moodier pieces like "Father Wasted Time” and "It’s All Inside Your Mind.” With mostly positive vibes and their vivid imaginations on full display, Panurge let a collage of fascinating sounds run free on this remarkable pop record. (Last Gang)