Panda Bear's Tomboy Gets Tracklisting; Sonic Boom's Role Further Explained

Panda Bear's <i>Tomboy</i> Gets Tracklisting; Sonic Boom's Role Further Explained
We were starting to worry that Panda Bear was the Dr. Dre of out-there art-pop when he all but promised to release his new album Tomboy in 2010 but failed to deliver. Now, news that it's coming on April 19 is becoming more believable thanks to the record getting a tracklisting and some more release details.

Gorilla vs. Bear has posted a press release that reveals the album's tracklisting, as well as gives further details of Spacemen 3 member Sonic Boom's involvement in the project. The album is said to include "totally new mixes, arrangements & sleevenotes" from Boom.

As the PR explains, Sonic Boom (born Peter Kember) is said to have contacted Panda Bear's Noah Lennox after the release of Person Pitch in 2008. Seeing Spacemen 3 checked in the liner notes, he asked Lennox if he would be interested in collaborating. The two worked on mixes for Tomboy via long-distance communication between New York, Rugby and Lison.

The mixes on Tomboy are said to be "entirely different" from the seven-inch singles that Panda Bear has been releasing in the last year. Along with his mixing work, Sonic Boom recorded some sounds for the release as well.

Paw Tracks will release Tomboy on April 19. It will be available in a variety of formats, including a special hi-fidelity DMM vinyl version on coloured vinyl, a CD version and reportedly a limited-edition twelve-inch box set.


1. "You Can Count On Me"
2. "Tomboy"
3. "Slow Motion"
4. "Surfers Hymn"
5. "Last Night at the Jetty"
6. "Drone"
7. "Alsatian Darn"
8. "Scheherezade"
9. "Friendship Bracelet"
10. "Afterburner"
11. "Benfica"