Panda Bear Reveals Tomboy Cover, Bumps Up Album Release Date

Panda Bear Reveals <i>Tomboy</i> Cover, Bumps Up Album Release Date
To brighten your Friday just a little bit more, Panda Bear has finally shared the cover for his much-anticipated Tomboy LP. Yep, that's it up there above, and as you can see, it very much follows the same art aesthetic as that string of seven-inches leading up the album. But that's all likely due to the same artist, Scott Mou, doing the art for LP, as well as all the singles.

And while the album cover would be enough good Panda Bear news for one day, we have another exciting tidbit to share -- the release date for Tomboy has been bumped up to April 12, a week earlier than the record's previously announced April 19 release date. According to a press release, this is to make sure the album is in stores for this year's Record Store day, which takes place on April 16.

Tomboy is due out via Paw Tracks and will feature the tracklist below.


1. "You Can Count On Me"
2. "Tomboy"
3. "Slow Motion"
4. "Surfers Hymn"
5. "Last Night at the Jetty"
6. "Drone"
7. "Alsatian Darn"
8. "Scheherezade"
9. "Friendship Bracelet"
10. "Afterburner"
11. "Benfica"