Panda Bear: "I Don't Think I'm Gonna Meet That September Deadline"

Panda Bear: 'I Don't Think I'm Gonna Meet That September Deadline'
Animal Collective member, and solo musical mastermind, Panda Bear was originally shooting to release his fourth LP, Tomboy, sometime this September. However, when only the second of four album-preceding proposed singles was announced for release in October, it looked like the album was nowhere near being ready. Now, Panda Bear has admitted the disc won't be coming out anytime soon.

In an interview with Brooklyn Vegan, Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) revealed that most of Tomboy hasn't even been recorded, let alone mastered or readied for release.

"Singles will be coming up periodically, but I [have] probably only recorded about half the songs at this point," Lennox said about the album. "As soon as I record them I give them to the people to put them out, usually it's like a month or two turnaround, I would say. So, I don't know, I can't give a specific date."

He continued, "I was shooting for, like, around a September release date and I was probably talking to people about that. Then I feel like it kinda became a rumor or something. And once I felt like everybody was expecting it, I thought I should really try to stick to that, but it took too long. I don't think I'm gonna meet that September deadline now."

So there you have it. No Tomboy for a while, it seems.

As for that singles series, only seven-inches from Kompakt and Fat Cat are left to be released. Paw Tracks' contribution was released in July, while Domino's "You Can Count On Me" is sold out, despite technically not being available for another month yet.