Palmbomen II "Cindy Savalas" (video)

Palmbomen II 'Cindy Savalas' (video)
Amsterdam producer Kai Hugo has a full-band project called Palmbomen, but he also makes solo music as Palmbomen II. Following videos for the tracks "Leo Danzinger" and "Carina Sayles," Hugo has now bought the video trilogy to an end with "Cindy Savalas."

This clip is nearly 10 minutes long and, like the other videos in the trilogy, it matches Palmbomen II's dreamy electronic tones with VHS-style visuals. The titular character offers spoken monologues about alienation, and she touches on themes that conflate suburban malaise, religion and extraterrestrial life on earth.

Watch it below, along with the other videos in the series. Palmbomen II's self-titled album is out now through Beats in Space Records.