The Pack A.D. Kill Computers on New Album

The Pack A.D. <i>Kill Computers</i> on New Album
Back in the fall, we told you that Vancouver's bluesiest, garage-iest garage-blues duo the Pack A.D. were hard at work on their third album. That was only in November, and Mint Records is now announcing the album details, so the recording sessions must have gone off without a hitch.

Titled We Kill Computers, the band's new album was recorded live off the floor with the Hive's Jesse Gander, and mastered by Detroit icon Jim Diamond, who has previously worked with the Dirtbombs and the Detroit Cobras.

According to the press release, the album "marks a bold departure away from the blues and headfirst into straight-up garage rock/pop/punk." The album is described as "fierce, unapologetic, and loud as hell."
,br> Find out for yourselves when Mint releases the album on April 27.

The band have one tour date announced for this year with a show in Alaska on January 30, but we're guessing a whole lot more are just around the corner.

We Kill Computers:

1. "Deer"
2. "Everyone Looks Like Everyone"
3. "Crazy"
4. "1880"
5. "Math, the Stars"
6. "Big Anvil"
7. "Cobra Matte"
8. "B.C. is on Fire"
9. "They Know Me"
10. "K Stomp"
11. "Catch"
12. "The Slow Down"
13. "The Last Martian"