The Pacific Ocean So Beautiful And Cheap And Warm

When the Pacific Ocean first appeared back in 1997, much was made of the fact that the band comprised of people who used to be in Versus and Containe, and how they didn't really sound as much like either band as you'd expect. These days, they have been around long enough to be considered on their own merits, and their third album, So Beautiful And Cheap And Warm, has more than enough of its own merits. It starts off beautifully, with an acoustic guitar playing a gentle tune for about a minute before the rest of the band join in and then, finally, Connie Lovatt's delicate voice is added. They have a wonderful sound that makes this a joy to listen to. Most of the songs meander along at a snail's pace, never really picking up, and even the prettiest songs have a sort of creepy undertone (especially "In The Gold") that is unsettling. When they do decide to step it up (like on "There's No One You Won't Walk Past"), they sound like a less keyboard-fixated version of Saloon. This is an understated treasure of a record which will slowly win your heart - it might take some time, but it is well worth the perseverance. (TeenBeat)