Owen Pallett and Brendan Reed Team Up for New Audio-Visual Project

Owen Pallett and Brendan Reed Team Up for New Audio-Visual Project
While orchestral virtuoso Owen Pallett is focusing on the upcoming release of his next solo album, In Conflict, the violinist apparently had some extra time to put together a new audio-visual collaboration with former Arcade Fire cohort Brendan Reed.

The pair recently contributed to a project dubbed "Our Shadows Slanting by the Lamp" via a two-minute video on its website, which confirms that the music for the first instalment was crafted by Pallett and the visuals prepped by Reed.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this project and video are a hoax.

As you'll see down below, the clip strings together shots of Doritos being crushed onto snow with a toy lightsaber, and a guy taking his mason jar full of goldfish around for a stroll, while sounds of an oscillated vintage synth streams in the background.

Also on the site is the following cryptic and poetic statement:

I played 'The Swan.' I remember the early twilight, the way certain windows were frosted, others steamed up, and others clear. Outside the glass, the blizzard was infinite and slow. I remember breathing, and seeing you all breathing, chests rising and falling, under the shelter of my roof. I remember our shadows slanting by the lamps, and touching. My hands passed through the air and I looked at you, just a girl. Already, I knew: you were so many things.

It's unclear exactly when, but a note on the page claims "part ii" of the project is coming soon.

As for Pallett's In Conflict, his follow-up to Heartland arrives May 27 via Domino/Secret City.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.