Ottawa Hardcore Greats Sedition Draw a Line in the Sand with "On Sight"

Ottawa Hardcore Greats Sedition Draw a Line in the Sand with 'On Sight'
Ottawa beatdown hardcore band Sedition declared War Against All just two months back, but the group are already clarifying where they're really aiming their crosshairs with new song "On Sight," which you can hear on Exclaim! now.
The standalone single continues with Sedition's stupidly heavy music, achieving their goal of crafting something "so ignorant that the only possible response is laughter," which guitarist Mike Contos revealed in our interview with the band.
Lyrically, the song may seem equally meathead-esque on the surface (there are a couple expletives in the opening mosh call) but actually addresses something deeper. Vocalist Lance Crowder explains what the band are saying, with a little help from guest vocalist Andrew Kramer of Iron Golem on the track.
"We were all very appreciative of the support we received from everyone coming off of the EP release," Crowder said. "After a while we realized we would get shares from openly discriminative people, and this band isn't for those kinds of people. This band is my way of venting my grievances with the world, whether it be in regards to experienced ableism, hateful people or other atrocities going on in the world. I don't want people who are a part of the problem gaining any sort of enjoyment from that."
Sedition have also announced they're playing the band's first show at their hometown's Streets Ahead Festival alongside Misgiver, Mil-Spec, Wild Side, Doxx, Child of Pain, Cold Shoulder, War Prayer, Antagonize, Hangman, Strange Ways, Speaker and more. It runs November 16-18, with Sedition playing the last day.

Stream "On Sight" in the player below.