Ottawa Explosion Taps the Men, Mean Jeans, METZ for 2012 Edition

Ottawa Explosion Taps the Men, Mean Jeans, METZ for 2012 Edition
Previously known as the Gaga Weekend, the recently name-changed Ottawa Explosion featured its inaugural event last year. Now, in 2012, organizers have produced another massive lineup of punk, hardcore and garage acts to get our nation's capitol up in a tizzy for another Ottawa Explosion Weekend.

The bigger-than-ever event runs from June 13 to 17 at various venues in the city, including Club Saw, Mavericks/Dekcuf, Babylon and the House of Targ.

And here's the full lineup:

Adults, Alaskan, Average Times, Big Dick, Boyhood, Camp Radio, Cold Warps, the Creeps, Crow Bait, Crusades, the Dagger Eyes, Dead Weights, Dead Wife, Dog Day, Dreamdate, Dry Feet, the Eeries, Finderskeepers, First Base, Gary Voicemail & the Touchtones, Grime Kings, Hollywood, Holy Cobras, Hosoi Bros, Iron Chic, the Isotopes, the Johnnies, Klovenhoofs, Low Culture, Lipstick Homicide, Male Nurse Band, Mean Jeans, METZ, the Men, the Mnemonics, Monomyth, Mother's Children, Motivator, Naughty Girls, Needles//Pins, Nervosas, Night Birds, the Nymphets, the Polymorphines, Pregnancy Scares, Roberta Bondar, Rome Romeo, the Shakey Aches, Shahman, Shot Nerves, Slobs, Solids, Spencey Dude & the Doodles, Statues, Steve Adamyk Band, Strange Attractor, Ultrathin, Uranium Comeback, the Visitors, We Fled Cairo, and World War 4.

Tickets for the weekend are available here for $45 plus a mere $1 service charge. A playlist for the event is also available below.