Other Natural Flavors Drop the World

Other Natural Flavors have a very high opinion of themselves. They throw around comparisons to the Clash and Foo Fighters, without really understanding the implications and how not really sounding like either band might undermine those comparisons. Nevertheless, there is something very appealing about Drop the World (at least on the surface), thanks to some good vocal interplay between Maritza Rodriguez and Chris Van Cott, and while that is usually the strongest part of most songs, the tunes can be a little on the forgettable side. They do have the potential to cross over to a wider audience, thanks to MTV licensing a couple of songs for use in two of their reality shows in the States. But that could be a double-edged sword simply because there’s a very good chance that their songs will disappear into the bland, generic soundtrack that tends to accompany so many TV shows. At the end of the day, there just isn’t enough to make Other Natural Flavors stand out from the crowd, no matter how inoffensive their music might be. (Ken U Diggit)